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Bin Liners & Refuse Sacks

Adequate waste disposal is an important issue for all modern businesses. Even if you’ve taken care to invest in a range of colour-coded waste bins, separating paper from plastics from glass, etc., you still need to empty them and replace the bin bags on a regular basis. 

There are few things more off-putting (and, it has to be said, potentially unhygienic and unhealthy) than overflowing waste bins that should have been emptied the previous day. On a hot summer’s afternoon, the sight of an overstuffed bin surrounded by buzzing flies is enough to put you off your lunch and make you want to take a shower.

At Safety Shop.com, we supply a range of bin liners and bin bags catering for all waste bin sizes. If you want to keep those annoying flies at bay and have a tidy, hygienic and well-managed working environment, don’t run out of them.

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Bin Liners & Refuse Sacks

As we mentioned earlier, it’s a good step to invest in visibly recognisable colour-coded waste bins in order to be kind to the environment, and encourage good practices in your staff. But no matter how many beautifully labelled or colour-coded bins you have dotted about your premises, you’ll come unstuck if you run out of a simple but fundamental item: bin bags.

Employers have a duty under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 to provide hygienic and well-managed working environments for their staff. A working environment where staff can’t dispose of their sandwich wrappers or plastic water bottle because the bins are full really doesn’t pass muster. 

So let’s look at what’s on offer from SafetyShop.com to ensure you avoid such an unpleasant predicament.

Buying Guide

Our packs of durable plastic Bin Liners and Refuse Sacks will comfortably meet all your little disposal requirements, indoors or out. 

For the more ecologically minded, we provide 75-litre standard Recycled Bin Bags made from 100 per cent recycled polythene. Supplied in cardboard dispenser boxes to keep all 200 in each batch neat and tidy, these bin liners come in a range of strengths depending on requirement, although they’re all designed to provide superb tear-resistance. The strengths to choose from are Light Duty (90g) sacks, Medium Duty (120g) sacks, Heavy Duty (140g) sacks and Extra Heavy Duty (170g) sacks. Clear refuse sacks are also available in this range.

We also supply 75 litre-capacity ‘Green’ Refuse Sacks and Dispensers made from 100 per cent recycled material of durable 140 gauge (medium duty) constriction that offer 10 times the tear resistance of other leading refuse sack brands

For larger, heavier waste, our 762 x 508mm Heavy Duty Rubble Refuse Sacks are the best option. Coloured black and supplied in packs of 100, they’re made of heavy duty, durable plastic. 


I would like my catering staff to have the option of composting kitchen waste – do you offer anything in this area?

Yes, we do. Our Compostable Kitchen Bin Liners are ideal for kitchen waste bins and are made from renewable sources. They’re also 100 per cent compostable. Supplied in rolls of 12, they can accommodate up to 12 litres.

Please check out our products and avoid those overflowing bins by placing your order today?