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Clothes, Dusters & Wipes

A major part of health and safety is keeping your workplace clean, fresh and tidy. This way, you’re not only providing your employees and workers with a pleasant environment in which to work, but you’re also adhering to health and safety regulations.

Most workplaces will have their own cleaning crew, but there are small additions that can be made to make cleaning up easier, whether it’s being done by cleaning staff or an office worker cleaning up an accidental spillage.

Cloths, dusters and wipes are a useful addition to any workplace when it comes to providing a healthy work environment.

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At Safetyshop, we have a wide range of cloths, dusters and wipes to choose from, whether you’re looking for reusable dusters and cloths or antibacterial one-use wipes. Our Envirowipe Antibacterial Cloths are semi-reusable, meaning they can be used more than once. They are durable, absorbent and great for use in kitchens, but should be disposed of after a few uses. They’re also colour coded, making them great for situations where different cloths need to be used for different uses. Our Clinical and Hard Surfaces Wipes are often used in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, and are effective against micro-organisms such as E Coli and MRSA. They can be used on hard surfaces and should be disposed of immediately after use. For more general usage, we have plenty of cloths and dusters, including Microfibre cleaning cloths, and the TTS Microfibre Hi-Level Duster Kit, which is great for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.