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On-Site Buckets

Where would be without buckets? Humankind has used them for thousands of years to transport water from one point to another. Although the Romans bequeathed us piped water, buckets remain crucial for the leak-free transport of water and liquids (not to mention sand, earth and rubble) over short distances. Including, of course, in the workplace. 

The 1974 health and safety at Work Act was a pivotal piece of legislation that placed an obligation on employers to provide their employees with a well-managed workplace. That includes having the means to mop up liquid spills that could form dangerous slip hazards and to easily clean floor areas that become soiled in other ways.

They might once have been made of wood, but today the vast majority of buckets are manufactured using highly durable plastics. 

Let’s embark on a guided tour of the buckets available for your workplace from SafetyShop.com

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What is a Bucket?

A pail or a bucket is usually a truncated cone or vertical cylinder that is 100% watertight. The top is open and the bottom is flat to facilitate stability when standing on the ground. A semi-circular hinged carrying handle called a ‘bail’ is fixed at the top.

It doesn’t get more concise than that.

However, modern-day buckets don’t always neatly conform to the cylinder/truncated cone description. Plastic moulding technology has permitted the design of different shapes suitable for different purposes. Here are some of SafetyShop.com’s offerings.

Buying Guide

Retaining the classic truncated tunnel with open top and flat, sealed bottom design are our Standard Hygiene Buckets. Available in red or white, these durable plastic buckets are the perfect, easy-to-clean solution for heavy use areas. As the Wikipedia definition would have it, they feature a handle (or ‘bail’) as well as a pouring spout and have a capacity of 10 litres.

Our Duo Hygiene Bucket is designed to keep dirty and clean liquids separated by means of an impermeable inner partition. Manufactured from exceptionally tough plastic, these 14 litre buckets feature a handle and a pouring spout, and are ideal for heavy use areas that require frequent cleaning. 

Let’s take thinks up a level. If you need to clean a floor surface thoroughly but also ensure that it dries quickly to prevent slip hazards, you need to be able to load the mop with as little water as possible for the final wipe-overs. And our sturdy TTS 17 litre Bucket with Roller Wringer will perform that function admirably. Available in a variety of colours, these wipe-clean polypropylene buckets feature an extractable partition so that you can, if you need to, keep clean and dirty water safely separated. One of the two rollers is simply fixed to the bucket but the other can be manipulated by means of a zinc-plated steel foot pedal, protecting your workers from back strain when they wish to wring excess water out of the mop. And yes, you read the capacity correctly – it really does hold 17 litres. 


I need a bucket that keeps detergent separate from water and is big enough to clean large areas but easy to transport – is there a solution?

There is. It’s our TTS Double Bucket with Wringer. If you’re concerned that large volumes of liquid could cause back problems for your staff during transportation and emptying, worry no more. This durable polypropylene dual bucket can be effortlessly pulled along courtesy of its four smooth wheels (it also has double handles for easy manoeuvrability). To protect your employees’ backs even more, it features two lever-operated drain plugs so that liquids can be emptied effortlessly.

Why delay? Place your order from our Bucket’s range now.