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Durable waste bags/seals

Effective and proper way to dispose of hazardous waste


From: £73.50 ex. VAT ( £88.20 inc. VAT)
  • Highly durable
  • Secure design
  • Serialised seals

Specialist waste disposal is a serious issue that demands certain procedures be followed. Our waste bags and seals will help your business comply with UN regulations, allowing you to effortlessly pass safety inspections, especially when paired with a clearly labelled and corresponding sign.

Supplied with alpha numerical seals, the serialised bands will allow your business to keep track of the potentially dangerous contents, ensuring that they're kept in the correct location, and then sent to the desired destination. With any confusion removed, it will prevent unfortunate situations from arising.

Built to last and withstand most tears and scrapes, the refuse sacks are fashioned from highly durable polyethene. The heavy-duty construction offers peace of mind by ensuring that the contents won't leak out once properly fastened at the top.

Crafted in a vibrant shade of yellow, the bags will stand out in any room. Properly colour-coded, they can be used in conjunction with our hermetically sealed bins for additional security. Showing that your business is going the extra mile will impress inspectors, as well as current and potential clients.

Marked out with clear and bold lettering, even outsiders to the industry will be made aware of the contents. Secure and simple to fasten, the coded seals will make accessing the interior objects a difficult task, deterring any misuse that may occur.

Given the nature of hazardous waste, the bags effortlessly cater for liquid and solid objects. The soft structure will adapt to the harmful substances/items, making them a versatile asset to hospitals, laboratories and other specialist work environments.

In the unlikely event of a spillage or leak, it will always pay to have the proper equipment at hand to deal with the situation. Our ADR spill kits are ideal for absorbing any mess and preventing it from spreading further.

Customer Reviews

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4 years ago

Service: Very fast delivery.

Product: Perfect for us - long enough to go round the bags and strong enough not to get damaged in the rigours of transport.

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