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Adjustable mid-rail double connector for the Warmagrip barrier system

A versatile component for this warm-to-the-touch rail system


From: £22.95 ex. VAT
From: £20.88 ex. VAT ( £25.06 inc. VAT)
  • Strong steel construction
  • Anti-vandal fixings included
  • PVC coating keeps the parts feeling warm

Barriers and rails are essential equipment in many different situations, but in cold conditions or outside, they can become extremely cold to the touch. Depending on how low the temperature is, this can potentially cause injury. The Warmagrip system is a versatile set of components, including wall-mounted elbows, that connect together as you please to create bespoke barriers and handrails. Coated in PVC, the tough steel stays warm to the touch in chilly conditions.

This mid-rail double connector lets you connect two poles together, and it's fully adjustable to help you get just the right set-up for wherever you need it. Like all Warmagrip components, anti-vandal fixings are included so you can prevent people from tampering with it. It's quick and easy to install, simply slotting together with other parts, and extremely durable.

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