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Heavy Lifting Equipment

Over a third of all reportable injuries resulting in more than three days off work involve manual handling, and around ten per cent of major injuries are related to manual handling, while 1.1 million employees in the reporting they have musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that were either caused or worsened by lifting at work.

Basically, if your employees are involved in moving and handling goods - or people in the case of care workers, nursing and medical staff, paramedics, and so on - they are at risk of injury. Even lifting light loads can result in harm, especially if done repetitively, but the risk is multiplied with heavy loads. 

Injuries related to lifting and manual handling have a huge impact on workplaces, and cost the economy hundreds of millions of pounds every year. However, with our robust lifting equipment, you can protect employees from injuries, and help them work more productively.

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heavy lifting equipment

Lifting equipment is defined under the lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER) 1998 as any equipment whose primary purpose is to lift or lower loads. The law dictates that all lifting equipment for use in the workplace is suitably stable and strong for its intended use, and clearly marked to indicate safe lifting loads.

These guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive show the recommended maximum weights for relatively fit and able-bodied men and women.

Of course, there are many loads that exceed these limits, which is where lifting equipment comes into play.

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Our brawny pump-action double scissor lifting table is cleverly designed to take the strain out of loading and unloading items across split-level floors. Its platform is elevated on extendable twin-scissor struts by means of a pump-action foot pedal, and can be lowered smoothly by a hand-operated release trigger.

Easily moveable courtesy of two fixed and two swivel polyurethane braked castors with steel centres, this product is fully complaint with the standard covering the safety requirements of lifting tables, BS EN 1570: 1998. 

The table can safely lift loads of up to 350kg and is equipped with an overload relief valve, which prevents the danger of excess weight being lifted or lowered.

For loads in excess of the 350kg upper threshold of the pump-action double scissor lifting table, our Bulk Load Lifter is the ideal solution. Capable of lifting loads up to 1,800kg, it will make light work of transporting heavy or awkward items such as cabinets, machinery and safes.

The lifter comprises two end trucks that can be strapped together around the load by means of securing straps. It provides multi-directional movement via its robust non-marking polyurethane swivel castors and has a lift height of 250mm.

The Bulk Load Lifter comes with a non-slip rubber mat, which safely holds the load in pace during transportation.


Q: Do you supply equipment for moving loads that are too heavy to be lifted manually, but are not exceptionally heavy?

A: Browse through our comprehensive range of sack trucks and pallet trucks, refining your search by size, weight and capacity, and you should be able to find a product that suits your needs.

Do not risk your staff attempting to lift loads that could lead to them sustaining a serious injury; order lifting equipment for your business from Safetyshop now.