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Health And Safety Compliant Wall Thermometer

Handy, affordable wall thermometer that is health and safety compliant.


£5.99 ex. VAT ( £7.19 inc. VAT)

  • Meets health and safety regulations
  • Measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Easy-to-read mercury indicator

A wall thermometer is a must-have for any work environment for correct temperature regulation, and our health and safety compliant wall thermometer will be of great practical use in any setting.

With a handy hole at the top, this thermometer is easy to position on a wall, where it will stay firmly in place.

This thermometer measures the temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celcius, for your convenience, and uses a conventional mercury reading indicator for simplicity and easy viewing. By providing a clear, easy-to-read indicator, you can ensure the temperature is at the optimum level.

This sturdy wall thermometer is affordable yet accurate and reliable. You also get peace of mind that it complies with relevant health and safety regulations.

We can also supply wall thermometers that don't have mercury indicators, such as our mercury free min-max thermometer.

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Customer Reviews

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1 year ago

Service: The were prompt with despatch but the thermometer was seriously overpackaged!! At first I thought they had sent an oversized large, empty, flat container, which we had to break open to find the tiny thermometer amongst folds of cardboard!!

Product: It is a very good thermometer which helps us understand the difference and range between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Being old fashioned, we prefer Fahrenheit, but the radio controlled clocks show Celsius, and there is no way of altering it,

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