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Paper Vomit Bags

Tough lined paper bags for containing vomit and other fluids


From: £3.99 ex. VAT ( £4.79 inc. VAT)
Lower prices are available if you order a higher quantity
Qty. 1+ 4+
Price £4.99 (£5.99 ) £3.99 (£4.79

  • Packs of 25 bags
  • Portable and easy to open
  • Thick lined paper prevents leaks

These clinical waste bags are designed to contain mess and to assist with easy, safe clean-up after somebody is taken ill. Vomit bags are there to help when somebody feels unwell, and they can be very valuable in containing vomit and reducing the risk of infection to others. These multipack bags are particularly useful for traveling and should be stored in commercial transport vehicles such as buses and planes, and taken on business outings and school trips. They can also be useful to keep with first aid supplies, or to have on hand at first aid points. The bags are designed from tough lined paper that will not leak, and they can be sealed and easily disposed of safely.

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