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Transparent panel lockers

Lockers with see-though door panels that allow for easy content inspection


From: £206.00 ex. VAT ( £247.20 inc. VAT)
  • Secure steel door frames with vision panels
  • Smooth, flat surfaces are easy to keep clean
  • Attractive storage for a range of purposes

People require various personal items to be stored in most working environments, and often workplaces will also need to lock away items of value. Our vision panel lockers can be used to store a range of small items in an office, construction site, school or other location.

Our vision panel lockers, also known as visible content lockers, see-through lockers and transparent panel lockers, are made from high quality steel, ensuring that they provide a high level of security, while also being durable and strong. The clear panels are made from a polycarbonate material that is difficult to break or damage, and doors are operated using a key.

The lockers have the added benefit of the user being able to see the contents while the lockers are shut. Each locker has a see-through section on its door, meaning that you will always know what is inside, while also providing security for contents. For more privacy, we also stock lockers with opaque doors, meaning that passers-by cannot identify contents; our economy lockers are a cost-effective solution.

To ensure safe use of our lockers by your staff and site visitors, our vision panel lockers have smooth surfaces and flat edges, meaning that they won’t snag. The two-tier versions of our vision panel lockers are also equipped with coat hooks for the added convenience of users. For the utmost comfort in staff locker rooms, we also stock island seating for locker rooms, ensuring that staff changing and locker areas are comfortable environments for all.

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