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100 Flexible Vinyl Identification Wristbands in a Choice of Four Colours

Perfect for security checks at festivals, fairs and other events


£12.50 ex. VAT
£10.76 ex. VAT ( £12.91 inc. VAT)

  • Available in four different eye-catching colours
  • Strong, flexible vinyl for comfort and durability
  • Adjustable to fit a large range of wrist sizes

Security is a major operation when you're running events like concerts, festivals or large fairs. Particularly if tickets are required for entry, it's important to have a way to keep track of people and make sure there isn't anybody present who shouldn't be. These colourful wristbands allow easy identification of legitimate guests at a glance, helping your security personnel check them quickly and avoid wasting time that would be better spent keeping people safe.

Make sure your security staff are easy to find and that they convey a sense of authority by providing them with high-visibility security waistcoats, which help members of the public to identify them and increase their safety in hazardous low-light conditions. The waistcoats are pre-printed with the word 'security', so your guests can be certain that they're dealing with officials.

These wristbands are made from vinyl, which is strong and durable enough to prevent them wearing away during the course of the event, minimising the need for replacements to be issued. It's also a flexible material, which makes them comfortable to wear, and their adjustable closure means the one size is suitable for almost any wrist size. In addition to acting as a surrogate ticket during events, the wristbands can also be used to identify visitors to your business, although many people prefer clip-on badges for this particular purpose.

The wristbands are available in four different colours: blue, green, orange and yellow. This can be used to colour-code different types of access level, or to distinguish between, for example, one-day or weekend passes. It also makes it more difficult for people to guess the colour beforehand and gain access fraudulently.

With 100 wristbands supplied in each pack, you won't have to order them in such large quantities that you'll be left with many unused, wasted bands if your event is small, but they're cost-effective enough that ordering several packs for larger events won't work out to be poor value.

Using Tensabarrier posts to create a queueing system at the entrance to your ticketed event keeps people organised and allows you time to issue wristbands as people enter.

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