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Secure vinyl tape ideal for packing

Single use, versatile, durable tape to help secure packages

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From: £22.99 ex. VAT ( £27.59 inc. VAT)

  • The tape cannot be refastened once stuck down, making it a good choice for packaging
  • Tough, durable tape
  • Straightforward to use

There are many occasions when plain sticky tape just isn't strong enough to give the fastening you need. Vinyl tape is the perfect option in offices, warehouses, delivery depots and anywhere else where a fast and secure taping solution is required. Stronger than traditional sticky tape, vinyl tape can be applied to paper, cardboard, plastics and many other materials, giving a good bond that won't let you down.

This vinyl parcel tape is intended to only be used once. It can't be resealed, which means it's easy to see if parcels packaged with this type of tape have been tampered with or previously opened. The tape is straightforward to use and doesn't require any special equipment to cut it - either opt for stainless steel scissors or a specially-designed tape dispenser.

The advantage of using a specialist tape dispenser with this vinyl tape is that it's possible to cut the tape without needing to use both hands. This makes it much easier to pack and tape items at the same time, using the free hand to hold the edges of a parcel in position while taping with the other hand.

If your business needs a variety of different tapes, our barrier tape and masking tape ensures you've always got something suitable for your needs. We also stock barrier tape and many other tapes which can be used to minimise the risk of an accident, identify where a hazard might lie or otherwise contribute towards a healthy and safe working environment.

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