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Vertical Floor-Standing or Wall-Mounted Convector Heater

An efficient, versatile and compact heating solution


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  • Built-in adjustable thermostatic control
  • Safety cut-outs for overheating or tipping
  • Two heat level switches for quick adjustment

Keeping warm is essential for good health, efficient work and a safe environment. In most buildings, this isn't a problem, as there's likely to be built-in heating, but maintaining a comfortable temperature in temporary buildings on construction sites and other places without central heating is a challenge. This heater is an efficient and simple way to increase the temperature of areas where permanent heating isn't possible and is also useful for expanding your heating capability to parts of your workplace where the ordinary heating isn't efficient enough during certain parts of the year.

If you need to use the heater in an area too far from a plug socket to reach, our surge protected extension lead gives you the extra length you need and keeps the heater safe in the event of power surges. The heater itself has a built-in automatic cut-off function that activates if it overheats or tips over, which helps to prevent fires.

The heater has an adjustable thermostatic control to help you get the perfect temperature in the room. It also has two selectable heat switches, so you can quickly adjust heat levels to your liking if the temperature changes suddenly. To get a perfect position, the heater can be stood on the floor using its integrated feet, or mounted to a wall. Wall-mounting frees up floor space and keeps the area tidy, while also ensuring the heater stays in one place. If you need to use the heater for longer periods, you might find an oil-filled radiator more energy efficient, as it stores heat more effectively than this convector heater.

With its built-in carrying handles, the lightweight heater is easy to move and position as needed, and its compact size makes storage convenient if it's not needed during the warmer months. It's also easy to transport it from one site to the next if you need to use it in various different places.

Keep outdoor workers and smokers warm with our weatherproof patio heater.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x D)
Amperage 13 A
Application Floor or wall mounted
Colour(s) White
Description 2kW Vertical Convector Heater
Power Supply 220-240V 13A
Product Description 2kW Vertical Convector Heater
Specifications / Characteristics Power Output: 2kW
Supply: 220-240V 13A
Supplied in Single
Size (H x W x D) 440 x 655 x 175mm

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