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Lightweight Weatherproof Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Storage Box

Keep firefighting equipment safe and secure inside your vehicle

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£108.99 ex. VAT ( £130.79 inc. VAT)
  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • Strong and durable but lightweight
  • Holds a fire extinguisher firmly in place, resisting vehicle vibrations

A fire extinguisher is an important piece of equipment, giving anyone who discovers a blaze the ability to try and put it out before it gets out of hand and spreads. Because of their importance, they should not only be housed inside buildings, but all commercial vehicles should also carry one. Keeping a fire extinguisher in a vehicle can come with its own set of challenges, but this purpose-designed storage box helps you keep your extinguisher safe and sound while on the move.

The box is coloured bright red with a fire extinguisher symbol printed on the surface, helping to make sure anyone who discovers a fire can recognise where the equipment is stored quickly. It's made from a lightweight but extremely strong material and is weatherproof to keep the contents dry and functional in various conditions. It comes in three different sizes, so whatever the type of vehicle it's needed for and the size of your fire extinguisher, you can order a box to serve the purpose effectively. If you want convenient and secure storage for a fire extinguisher inside a building, our polyethylene cabinets make an excellent place to keep it.

Our vehicle fire extinguisher storage box has a top-loading hatch, which latches in place to stay firmly closed while the extinguisher isn't needed. It has retaining straps inside to keep it safely upright and in place, which is an important factor to consider with vehicle storage, as the vibrations can damage a fire extinguisher and cause it to stop functioning.

Fire extinguishers can be confusing for people who haven't had training in their use, particularly with the various types available that are suited for different types of fires. Our training DVD is an excellent way to teach people all about fire extinguishers so they'll be ready to use one if they ever need to.

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