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VDUs And You' Safety Information Poster in Various Durable Materials

Ensure those working with screens are aware of the risks

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From: £15.75 ex. VAT ( £18.90 inc. VAT)
  • Durable materials for display in a high-traffic area
  • Colourful, graphical design increases visibility
  • Important information on this specific area of health and safety

People working with VDUs, such as those used with computers, are at risk from a specific set of health problems if they're not aware of how to work safely. This is a growing problem, as many more people work in front of screens than did previously, so it's vital that you give your staff the information they need to guard themselves against health problems.

The poster includes a set of guidelines on good working practices regarding screens. It's arranged into different sections, with each one detailing how to avoid specific types of injury. This makes the information easy to follow, and it's quick to locate specific advice when it's needed. Our training DVD provides people with complete information on all of these points, but the poster is an excellent way to remind people on a daily basis, and give them further information without them needing to seek it out themselves.

With its colourful design, the poster helps ensure people notice it and read it whenever they can so that they remember all the advice it provides. It also includes a photograph, which not only increases its visibility further but also demonstrates the correct posture one should use when sitting at a computer terminal. The design also includes information on setting up a computer screen to reduce or eliminate strain.

The poster is available in three different materials, which vary in terms of their flexibility and overall strength, but they're all durable and long-lasting, suitable for use in high-traffic areas where people will frequently pass by them and notice them. There are also different sizes on offer, so you can choose a more compact poster where space is limited, or make use of extra room on the wall to create a larger and more eye-catching display if it's available.

We also stock a pocket guide for VDU use, which lets people carry useful safety information on their person that they can reference whenever they need to.

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