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No Set Up USB Barcode Scanner

Time saving and easy-to-use asset scanner.


£102.00 ex. VAT ( £122.40 inc. VAT)
  • Easy connection to your computer system
  • Quick and accurate scanning
  • Software compatible for secure data transfer and storage

If you don’t have a high volume of stock, this plug and play close-up barcode reader is the perfect equipment to use. With a USB connection that simply connects to any PC or laptop, you can transfer your asset data from the barcode to your computer system and straight into the fully compatible AssetGuard PRO Software, giving you secure back-up of your data to the Cloud and thorough reports so you always know exactly where you are up to and what your stock levels are.

Simple and comfortable to use, with a highly visible LED light source and clear resolution, this asset scanner can read several barcode types, and you can customise the selection to the specific codes you use.

Attach labels such as our durable Seal Self Laminating Lables to all your stock, and the asset reader can count your stock for you. In a busy retail environment, no-one has the time or money to spend hours counting and checking stock by hand, and hours training staff on the latest gadgets, and this is an easy alternative which requires no set up and takes no time to learn how to use. It also eliminates the need to re-check other people’s figures on a stock take, as the system has pin point accuracy.

Not only for stock, if you attach asset labels such as the Duragard Asset Tags to all your equipment, such as computers, servers and printers, the USB barcode scanner can easily track what you’ve got, where it is in your building and which department is using it.

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Description Scanner with USB Port Connection
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