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Clear and colourful ‘understanding safety signs’ posters

Help visitors and staff understand safety signs in the workplace with these highly informative posters.

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From: £15.75 ex. VAT ( £18.90 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to read, colourful and bright
  • Highlights: Prohibition, Safe Condition, Mandatory and Hazard Identification
  • Three different sizes available – A2, A3 and A4

Safety signs are both a moral and legal requirement in all workplaces throughout the UK, no matter how big or small. They convey vital information designed to keep people safe, alert and fully informed at all times.

From fire safety to safety clothing (PPE), safety signs are an effective and proven method of disseminating information that could potentially save lives. However, such signs will only become truly effective when they’re fully understood.

That’s where our ‘Understanding Safety Signs’ posters come in. Easy to read, colourful and bright, each poster highlights the four main types of safety sign and how to recognise them. These categories include Prohibition, Safe Condition, Mandatory and Hazard Identification.

By displaying one of these posters in every department of your workplace, there will be no excuse for visitors or staff to ignore or misinterpret your safety signs. They will have all the essential information they need to fully understand The Health & Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations 1996 and respond to the relevant safety signs accordingly and appropriately.

These posters will work effectively in conjunction with any of our professionally designed safety signs, which display words that are simple combined with symbols that are easily recognised to ensure complete comprehension and compliance from visitors and staff at all times.

Each poster is available in three different sizes: A2, A3 and A4. There are also three different quality materials to choose from, including rigid plastic (80% recycled), semi-rigid plastic, and paper that is laminated.

Our double-sided self-adhesive fixing tabs are the perfect way to fix your posters to the walls of your business quickly and easily. They come in packs of four and can also be used to fix important notices and signs.

If you work in an environment that deals with chemicals, you should also take a look at our GHS symbols posters. Available in two different sizes, each poster clearly defines up-to-date chemical symbols (the new Globally Harmonised System) and categorises them by risk.

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