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Weatherproof, rip-resistant Tyvek tags

Lightweight but tough, ideal for use in extreme conditions


From: £381.00 ex. VAT ( £457.20 inc. VAT)
  • The flexibility of paper combined with the strength of thick plastic
  • Water, sunlight and chemical resistant
  • Able to withstand extreme temperatures

Paper or card tags are useful for a lightweight and flexible way to label objects. It's easy to carry plenty of them about your person, and they do the job they're intended to do. There are plenty of situations, however, where a tag made from paper just won't do. Outdoors is a prime example, as soon as it rains and paper/card tags become wet, they're liable to rip – and that's if whatever is written on them doesn't wash away in seconds. However, typically other, stronger materials can be heavier, bulkier and far less convenient.

Tyvek is a synthetic material that you may be familiar with due to the fact it is often used as a house wrap. It combines a light weight and good flexibility with high strength and resistance to rips, chemicals and water. Because of this, it makes an ideal material for tags that can be used in a wide variety of situations where paper would easily become damaged. These Tyvek tags are provided blank, but we also provide a custom printed Tyvek tag service if you need clearly printed tags. Whichever option you choose, you can be guaranteed of a tag that will still be intact and readable long after a paper tag would have disintegrated.

Tyvek can withstand temperatures from -100ºC all the way up to 130ºC which vastly widens the conditions it can be used in. They're perfect for use in the building and engineering industries, but there are a great many uses for such a tough, lightweight tag. They're even recyclable. Use with a smudge-proof, water-resistant permanent marker for a long-lasting tag in all weathers.

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