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Replacement cartridge for 'Type HZ - Hazardous' vacuum cleaner

Dust filter cartridge to reduce airborne hazards


£116.99 ex. VAT ( £140.39 inc. VAT)
  • Clean efficiently where dust could be hazardous
  • Complies with standard HZ vacuum fittings
  • 99.9% efficient filtration device

These filter cartridges are designed to be used with the Type HZ Hazardous vacuum cleaner. This special vacuum picks up extremely fine dust and dirt, and the filtered valve ensures that everything is kept within the vacuum chamber and not released back into the atmosphere. Over time, filter cartridges can become blocked with dust and general debris, so they will need to be replaced regularly to make sure the vacuum remains effective. At maximum cleanliness, the filter performs at 99.9% filtration efficiency levels. The small filter cartridge is easy to clip into place with no need for tools, and it will remain secure during use.

Additional Information

Size (H x W x D)
Brand Numatic
Description Replacement HEPA Cartridge
Supplied in Single

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