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Sleek twin dispenser for toilet roll

A sleek and stylish twin toilet roll dispenser


From: £9.99 ex. VAT ( £11.99 inc. VAT)
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Viewing window for easily checking stock
  • Soft, strong and long toilet rolls

Keeping your toilet facilities clean, tidy, and well stocked with toilet paper, soap, and other niceties is an ongoing, somewhat thankless task. These sleek and stylish twin toilet roll dispensers take some of that endless toil out of the equation, by ensuring you can stock each of your toilet cubicles with two rolls of toilet paper at once. This increases the likelihood that toilet paper stocks will last between cleaning checks, minimises the risk of clients, staff, and other visitors being caught without ample paper, and reduces the amount of time cleaning staff need to devote to restocking the toilet roll dispensers.

Our twin dispensers have been carefully designed to be as inconspicuous and functional as possible. Their simple design ensures they take up the smallest amount of space possible, while the easy wall mounting fixtures (supplied with each dispenser) make them very simple to attach. An additional design feature that increases their functionality is a transparent window panel that allows for very quick and easy assessment of the amount of toilet paper remaining in each dispenser.

In an environment that has such a high natural build up of bacteria, as well as additional health risks such as mould, damp, and a plethora of other germs, it is vital that you keep every aspect as clean as possible. Toilet roll dispensers in particular are a hub for germs, and keeping them clean is essential. Made from tough, durable ABS white plastic, they are very easy to clean, and designed to withstand considerable wear and tear, making them a sound investment.

Our dispensers are made for use with our 2-ply Recycled Toilet Rolls, which ensure comfort for the user and have the added bonus of ensuring you are supporting the environment, and preventing global warming, by choosing a product that actively supports eco-friendly efforts. These twin dispensers are the perfect choice for your bathroom needs.

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