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TTS Flat Mop System with Rust-Proof Plastic Heads

Easy, effective cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach places


From: £5.35 ex. VAT ( £6.42 inc. VAT)

  • Mop heads, frames and handles available
  • Swivelling head frames make cleaning tricky areas easier
  • Lockable frames can be used for quick switching between wall and floor cleaning

A thorough cleaning routine often means a lot of different equipment, which can be cumbersome and inconvenient to carry around while working. This mop helps you cut down on the amount of items you need to carry in order to clean a variety of surfaces and areas, as its versatile heads make easy work of floors, walls and nooks and crannies.

With a traditional, basic mop, you can quickly clean floor areas and remove dirt and dust easily, but they fail to perform at their best in certain situations. This TTS flat mop system is available with two different heads, each of which is perfectly suited to a specific task.

The swivelling head frame helps you clean larger areas more effectively, and also makes it an easier task to fit the mop head into tight areas. It's also extremely useful when cleaning stairs. The lockable mop head frame, on the other hand, can effortlessly switch between floor and wall cleaning, so you can do more surfaces with a single tool, and at arm's length for extra hygiene and safety when using harmful cleaning products. The lightweight aluminium handles make the mop easy to manoeuvre and carry.

Our TTS mop bucket is coloured bright yellow with a 'wet floor' caution symbol, so it acts as a warning when you're cleaning. Although it has a built-in wringer, you won't need it with this mop, as the built-in foot-operated button lets you wring out the mop easily in seconds.

The mop heads themselves are available in blue, green, red or yellow, which enables you to colour code them for different situations or purposes. This is useful in areas where there's a risk of cross-contamination by using the same equipment in different rooms, and the different colours make the risk of mix-ups minimal.

In workplaces where extremely effective, efficient cleaning is needed, the Numatic Loline floor scrubbing machine leaves your floors in incredible condition and gets the job done at lightning speed.

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Product: Every thing was fine except the payment . Having to go through all the different bank transactions was very annoying why can it not be paid by visa debit or cheque ok thanks!

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Product: Excellent

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