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Portable, lightweight tripod projector screens

Easy to transport projector screens for a range of uses


From: £89.99 ex. VAT ( £107.99 inc. VAT)
  • Can be erected easily in seconds
  • Can sit on any floor surface
  • Matt white fabric gives clear picture

The ability to view video and content from a laptop can be a necessary part of any business meeting or school class. Our tripod projector screens provide a portable solution to showing content to an audience in any office, school environment, business meeting or otherwise.

Our tripod projector screens, also known as portable projector screens, roll up projector screens and standalone projector screens, can be effortlessly erected and adjusted by height to make showing and explaining presentations and content easy for anyone. When not in use, the screen can be easily rolled and packed away, with minimal disassembly required, and can then be transported with ease.

When in use, the projector is held upright by a three-pronged tripod foot, which is made of a strong metal. This provides a sturdy base that ensures the screen stays stable at all times. The screen is made from a versatile, matt fabric that displays a clear picture for a range of different presentation needs. Our projector screens are the perfect solution when office space is limited and wall mounting is not an option. For spaces where wall mounting is possible, we also stock wall mounted projector screens, which can be fixed to any flat wall surface for a permanent screening solution.

For office spaces where wall mounting is difficult, but a more permanent solution is also sought, we stock floor standing projector screens, which provide a smart and professional way to display content to audiences in a range of working and learning environments.

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