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Strong TraumaFix wound dressing

A highly absorbent dressing designed to staunch serious bleeding.

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From: £3.75 ex. VAT ( £4.50 inc. VAT)
  • The dressing can hold up to ten times its weight in fluid
  • Velcro strip for instant, secure fastening
  • Combined bandage and pressure pillow

When a major trauma occurs in the workplace, being able to quickly apply pressure to a deep wound in order to slow bleeding can literally mean the difference between life and death. This heavy duty dressing has been designed to provide the solution - highly absorbent and suitable for almost any wound, the dressing can be rapidly applied where it's needed, then fastened quickly to give instant pressure.

This dressing pad features a long velcro strip that enables it to be fastened around the wound quickly and easily. There's no need to try and find tape or struggle with scissors. The velcro will stick together as soon as it makes contact with the strip on the other side of the bandage. In many cases it's possible to apply this trauma bandage with only one hand, leaving the other free for some other essential task.

The dressing pad serves a dual purpose when it comes to a major trauma: not only does the dressing absorb the blood as it emerges, it also applies pressure to the wound, helping to reduce the blood flow further. Once the trauma dressing is in place, it's easier for first aiders to apply additional pressure in order to do everything possible to control the bleeding.

More secure and easier to use than other dressings or sanitary pads, this trauma bandage is a first aid essential in any workplace. If you haven't already got a good selection of bandages, our wide selection provide enough choice to ensure your organisation is prepared for almost any first aid emergency.

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