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Eye-catching traffic sign - slow

A bright, bold, eye-catching traffic sign to slow traffic.

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From: £114.00 ex. VAT
From: £103.74 ex. VAT ( £124.49 inc. VAT)

  • Bright, bold, unmissable
  • Easy attachment to walls and posts
  • Available in a variety of materials

This bold, bright and utterly unmissable sign is guaranteed to catch drivers' attention and to quickly and easily communicate to them that they need to slow down. Specifically designed to raise driver awareness of dangerous areas where it is required or advisable to drive at slower speeds in order to prevent accident or injury, these signs are the epitome of simplicity and function. Carefully crafted so that they can easily be affixed to walls or attached to posts with a choice of clips or clamps, these slow signs can be used in car parks, construction sites, loading bays and warehouses. The simple design features a bright red background and contrasting white writing for maximum visibility.

Choose from a variety of materials and attachment options to ensure your sign meets the needs of your premises.

Class RA1 Rigid Plastic signs are extremely practical and cost-effective, making them the perfect solution to use in areas where theft is likely, as their low re-use value dissuades would-be thieves.

Class RA1 Aluminium are a more durable option compared to their rigid plastic counterparts, offering the perfect solution for areas that are likely to experience greater wear and tear.

Class RA2 Aluminium signs offer a reflective face that boasts three times the reflectivity of their Class RA1 counterparts. These signs are ideal for areas without street lighting or other forms of illumination, where signs might easily be missed without the reflective glare of a car's own headlights.

Class RA1 Aluminium Extra Tough signs offer the greatest in terms of durability and come with the additional benefit of anti-graffiti protection, making them resistant to vandals and very easy to clean.

All material options come with a 3mm backing, as well as a reflective face. These signs are available in one size only, 450mm x 600mm, the perfect proportion for a traffic sign of this nature.

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