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Easy-to-spot school crossing traffic sign with universally recognised symbol

A vividly illustrated traffic sign warning viewers of school crossing areas.

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From: £72.75 ex. VAT
From: £66.20 ex. VAT ( £79.44 inc. VAT)
  • Features a brightly hued, striking colour scheme for optimum visibility
  • Fully compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations
  • Made from your personal choice of four top quality, durable materials

The safety of children within our society is of paramount concern, and those tasked with the responsibility for it must do all they can to fulfil their obligations towards the youngsters whose care is in their charge. This means taking every appropriate measure to reduce risks and minimise the dangers posed by hazards such as traffic.

Traffic poses an immense risk to young people, but luckily this school crossing sign has been designed to make your job a whole lot easier. Specifically created to make industrial estates, private traffic routes, and car parks safer for children to cross, it is a highly effective way of reducing the dangers posed by careless drivers.

Featuring a black, white, and red colour scheme, the sign incorporates a universally recognised school crossing symbol, which is vividly illustrated to make it highly visible and easy to spot. The image stands out in sharp contrast from its lighter backing so that it is impossible for drivers to miss. This ensures that the message is effectively conveyed, even at a distance.

Fully compliant with BS EN 12899-1:2007, the sign meets all relevant health and safety legislation. It can be attached to any suitable wall, or else affixed to a post with the use of clips or clamps, lending it optimum versatility and making it easy to position.

Made with robustness and longevity in mind, the sign comes in a choice of four top quality materials, each of them boasting a number of properties to recommend them. The class RA1 rigid plastic, for example, is the most practical and cost-effective solution, whilst its aluminium alternatives offer increased durability, and in the case of the class RA2 option, greater reflectivity too.

Designed to last for years, the sign is inarguably an economical investment when weighed against the greater price of safety.

Use it alongside our ’REDUCE SPEED NOW’ sign to decrease the risks today, or install our weatherproof 10 mph sign to inform drivers that they need to lower their speed in a certain zone.

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