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Wall and Post-Mounted One Way Traffic Signs

Keep traffic flowing correctly with bold one way signs.

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From: £88.50 ex. VAT
From: £80.54 ex. VAT ( £96.64 inc. VAT)

  • Bright, bold and very clear signs
  • Easily mounted to walls and posts
  • A range of materials for different environments

When it comes to traffic control there are few things more important than ensuring everyone drives the right way around a one way system. When all traffic is flowing in one direction only, any vehicle driving the wrong way down a road is heading straight for a head-on collision. These bright, bold, and easily understood signs make one way systems incredibly clear. The blue circular design is eye-catching and immediately recognisable as an important instruction, while the contrasting white arrow, pointing in the correct direction of travel, could not be clearer.

These signs can be attached to walls via mounts, or posts via clips or clamps. Due to their circular nature they can be oriented so that the arrow points either left or right, depending on your needs. They are available in one size, 600mm, the perfect proportion for a sign of this nature. They conform to all safety standards and are available in four different materials.

Class RA1 Rigid Plastic signs are a practical and cost-effective solution for areas where there is the potential for theft, as their low re-use value makes it unlikely they will be stolen.

Class RA1 Aluminium signs are a far more durable signage solution than the rigid plastic option, perfect for areas that receive more wear and tear.

Class RA2 Aluminium signs feature a highly reflective face that is three times more reflective than the Class RA1 options. These are ideal for low-light areas where there are no street lights or illumination other than a car's own headlights.

Class RA1 Aluminium Extra Tough signs are the best option for durability, offering superior strength and longevity compared to other options. They also include anti-graffiti protection and are very easy to keep clean.

Regardless of your choice of material, your sign will come with 3mm backing and a reflective face. Looking for more traffic direction signs? Try our 'Traffic Both Ways' signs, our 'Give Way' traffic signs, and our lightweight and portable roll-up traffic lights sign with Class 1 reflective surface.

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