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One-Way Traffic Flow Plates

Heavy duty one-way traffic control ramps.


£273.40 ex. VAT
£248.79 ex. VAT ( £298.55 inc. VAT)
  • Rubber buffer underside to reduce noise
  • High visibility yellow finish
  • Solid and secure construction

Traffic flow plates are a perfect way to control and slow down your traffic, and increase safety for pedestrians, as they only allow cars and vans to pass over them in one direction at around five miles per hour.

If you are fitting traffic ramps, you should fit signs to notify motorists that they need to slow down, such as our Caution Speed Ramps sign, and our Please Drive Slowly sign, which can be attached to a wall or mounted on a post.

This is a multi-use product which can reduce accidents and add greatly to the peace and quiet in residential areas by preventing drivers from using streets as a race track, and with a rubber buffer under the flap plate, noise is kept to a minimum, ensuring that quiet neighbourhoods stay that way.

The traffic ramp is also ideal for slowing down vehicles in car parks, preventing drivers using the exit as an entrance, and also ensuring that one-way systems are adhered to, by stopping traffic entering from the wrong direction.

The maximum speed with these flow ramps is five miles per hour, so you should also fit one of our Maximum Speed 5 MPHs traffic signs.

In addition to adding greatly to road safety in any area, in car parks these flow plates can save money as there is no need for an attendant to police traffic flow. With simple fitting, and solid construction, these plates will last for many years and can quickly pay for themselves in savings.

The box part of the plate is sunk into the ground for added rigidity, with the bottom plate bolted to the floor. The plate works by using a counterbalance action, so that once a vehicle has crossed the plate, the riser plate returns to its original position, so it doesn’t interfere with smooth traffic flow.

Additional Information

Finish Galvanised plates
Material Heavy-Duty Steel
Size (H x W x D) 300 x 200 x 200 mm
Specifications / Characteristics Flap & top 12.5mm thick

Hinge 19mm dia.

Recommended 2 plates per metre of road
Supplied in Single
Weight 15 kg

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