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Traffic Cones

When you want to coordinate the flow of vehicles around your workspace, divide areas into lanes or clearly signal that some areas are off-limits, there’s nothing quite as useful as traffic cones. You can use them on your own premises or, with permission, on public roads, if you are engaged in approved works that could create an obstruction. They’re easy to see and impossible to misinterpret.

Unlike standard road traffic signs, traffic cones will just bounce out of the way if hit by a car, so they’re great for marking out a perimeter. They’re easy to move around and enable you to place that perimeter exactly where you want it. You can also use them as posts for mounting signs. Perhaps most usefully, they make it easy to adapt to changing situations during the course of your work, and because they’re durable and can do their job even if damaged, you can use them repeatedly.

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traffic cones

Every business that works on the roads or has vehicles entering its premises can benefit from having a few traffic cones around. Even if they’re not used all the time, their stackability makes them easy to store and they can be brought out quickly when the occasion calls for them. Rather than being limited by painted lines which are a hassle to apply and remove, you can use traffic cones, in combination with signs, to change traffic flow arrangements on your premises whenever you need to, and to mark out parking spaces and areas for loading and unloading. They’re the ultimate flexible solution.

Buyers’ guide

Many people assume that traffic cones are all the same, but in fact there are a variety of different ones designed for different situations. Different colour options are the obvious example, and are useful when you want to distinguish different areas with maximum clarity, but there’s much more worth considering.

It might surprise you to learn that not all traffic cones are designed for use on public roads. Cheaper ones are available if you only want to use them on your own premises. Those designed for the highway are not only highly visible in the daytime, due to their bright orange colour, but have a reflective middle bar that makes them stand out in car headlights at night. This is obviously important when you’re working on the roads at night or when you want to make sure nobody will be injured by crashing into your works when they’re unattended. Your local traffic department can advise you on the relevant regulations.

Some traffic cones have fittings on the top which you can use for mounting signs, or can even be linked together to create barriers – much less trouble than moving standard security barriers to and from a site.

As well as traffic cones, we have yellow No Waiting cones which are useful for marking out your entrances and exits, whether they’re temporary or permanent, especially if vehicles may be reversing out of them in such a way that people waiting there could be hurt.


How do I know which traffic cones to use?

If you will be using your cones on public roads, talk to your local highways department. If you will be using them only on your own premises, you are free to choose whatever seems most practical for your purposes.

How do I keep traffic cones from blowing away?                                               

If you’re working in a windy environment or you’re worried about cones being blown aside by passing traffic, you can opt to use sand-weighted ones or purchase weight rings to fit onto your existing cones.