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Lamp mounting bracket for traffic cones

Hard wearing plastic bracket for mounting lamps to traffic cones


£3.05 ex. VAT
£2.78 ex. VAT ( £3.33 inc. VAT)
  • Quality bracket by UK manufacturer JSP
  • Fits all traffic cones
  • Seconds to install

This hard wearing orange bracket slips neatly over the top of a regulation sized traffic cone and firmly holds a safety lamp. It has the effect of turning a standard traffic cone that relies on its reflective panelling to be visible at night, into one which stands out even during the darkest hours. Converting standard cones to lit versions is an effortless task with this bracket and, due to its simple fit, can be done on either a temporary or semi-permanent basis.

Of course, this bracket is of little use without one of our range of traffic cones, and equally wants to be partnered with a reliable safety lamp.

Fixing a lamp to your cones is an important safety procedure, especially if any of your workforce are likely to be working in poor visibility conditions. While the reflective nature of a traffic cone is high-quality, the addition of a lamp that can be set to either flashing or a constant beam, can be the extra level of warning needed to prevent a potentially fatal accident. A feeling of safety and an increased sense of comfort is also provided for motorists passing your cordoned off area at night - well-lit rather than difficult to navigate.

These lamp mounting brackets are strong enough to be used for both short-term private land use, or on a national highway over a prolonged period. Like any piece of equipment, they should be checked regularly for any maintenance needs. The mounting brackets can be relied upon to provide a solid hold time after time.

Made by industry respected UK manufacturer Johnstone Safety Products (JSP), the quality of this bracket is without question and will provide a firm fit for many years, with its hardwearing plastic resistant to all weather conditions.

Additional Information

Application Secure safety lamp to traffic cone
Brand JSP®
Description Fixing Bracket
Product Description Cone Mounting Bracket
Supplied in Single

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