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Toilet brush and holder

Bleach resistant and easy to care for toilet brush and holder


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  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Made from bleach resistant material
  • A bathroom essential

A toilet brush and holder is a truly essential item for any bathroom. There's nothing worse than visiting a dirty toilet and not having the tools to clean it. Whether it is for a toilet at home, in the office or elsewhere a toilet brush with a holder is the only way to ensure that your toilet is kept clean and fresh.

This toilet brush and holder is easy to clean and care for, meaning that there is no need to worry about it becoming discoloured or unsightly after a few uses. It is made from bleach resistant material, so can be used in conjunction with other bathroom cleaning products, as part of the usual toilet cleaning regime. Our brilliant range of high level floor cleaning products will aid you in whatever cleaning task you are conducting.

The toilet brush and holder is lightweight and will fit easily and discreetly into any bathroom. The toilet brush holder is designed so that the toilet brush itself can be hidden from view, but so that it is also easily accessible when needed. The brush itself has a long and easy to grip handle, meaning you can safely keep your distance from the dirtiest part of the job. The bristles on the brush are firm and hard wearing, so you'll be able to clean quickly and easily, without having to use too much elbow grease.

Our ergonomic toilet brush holder will mean that your toilet is always a clean and pleasant place to visit and you won't have to worry what visitors or staff think of your workplace washroom!

Additional Information

Description Brush & Holder Set
Supplied in Single Kit

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