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Push/pull high capacity tilt trucks

Tiltable and durable plastic storage trucks


From: £674.00 ex. VAT ( £808.80 inc. VAT)
  • Simple storage solution for waste
  • Handle and wheels ensure easy movement
  • Can weather a range of conditions

Both moving and disposing of substances on working sites is of paramount importance. Our tilt trucks are an easy way to store contents and easily dispose of them using a simple tilt and spill system.

Our tilt trucks, also known as tilted disposal units, tilt bins and wheeled tilt boxes, have secure lids that can be easily opened and closed. When you want to tip out the contents, you can easily tilt the unit and the lid will open, enabling the contents to quickly fall out. Each truck is made of a high quality polypropyrene, a strong, non-toxic and durable plastic that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, as well as being suitable and safe for indoor use.

Two larger rubber wheels at the front of the truck enable it to be easily tilted and moved. The smaller wheels at the rear of the truck give it added stability when standing still or when heavy contents are inside. The metal handle bar running along the top of the truck enables it to be either pushed or pulled in either direction.

Our tilt truck works best on flatter surfaces. For maneuvering contents on rougher terrains, we stock a specialist rough terrain platform truck, which can weather a range of surfaces while safely transporting goods without spillages.

Storage solutions that can be moved are important in any construction environment. Our premier mesh sided platform truck is a secure and easily accessible maneuvering device for standard loads. Contents can be quickly loaded and off-loaded as and when required.

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