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Easy-to-fit telephone location signage

Clearly highlight the location of a telephone for the public and employees

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From: £9.50 ex. VAT
From: £7.70 ex. VAT ( £9.23 inc. VAT)
  • Simple to install
  • Instantly recognisable design
  • Clear lettering and image

A well laid out work environment is crucial to running an efficient and professional business. Our telephone sign is a small but effective way to properly highlight a key part of any communication network or emergency service contact point.

Presented in a classic monochrome colour scheme, the rectangular plaque will stand out in any workplace without disrupting the decoration. Universally recognised, international and local clients and customers will quickly be able to locate the phone. For those who are hard of seeing, the bold lettering simply reads 'Telephone', eliminating any possible confusion. To cater for all persons, we also offer a braille version of the same sign. All symbols comply with BS 8501:2002, making them suitable for any British workplace.

Available as a self-adhesive sticker or a rigid plastic plaque, both designs are easy to fit. Simply locate a clean, flat and smooth service near the phone and place it at or above eye level. Highly durable, both variations are simple to wipe clean in the event becoming scuffed or smeared- perfect for busy locations with plenty of foot traffic.

Constructed in an A4 size, it won't go unnoticed- allowing customers and employees to make important calls with ease. Not so large that it will take up valuable space, it's ideal for placing above a booth with our adhesive fixing tabs. Crafted to face the elements, the solid plastic model can be used both indoors and out.

With organisation and clear layouts in mind, our vast range of specialist signs will effortlessly mark out other key locations and helpful areas- making your business more approachable and easy to navigate. With some signs being legally required, our telephone plaque is an optional addition to a wall that will show your workplace is going the extra mile to improve its image and service.

Clearly presented and uninhibited by unnecessary information or images, it will lend an understated and helpful touch to an office or public area. Sleek and boldly designed, it's a timeless addition that will showcase your company's helpful intentions and professional demeanour.

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