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Rotary pump constructed from Teflon/stainless steel

350cc per revolution rotary pump, suitable for use with aggressive chemicals.


£455.00 ex. VAT ( £546.00 inc. VAT)
  • Delivers 25 litres per minute
  • Supplied with 1" (25mm) outlet pipe and 1½" (38mm) and 2" (50mm) BSP barrel adaptors
  • Each piece measures 13" (330mm) long

Suitable for use with any chemicals and solvents compatible with Teflon and stainless steel, as well as up to 100% concentrated acids and alkalis, this Teflon and 304 stainless steel rotary pump can deliver up to 25 litres per minute, with 350cc per revolution. Perfect for dispensing or transferring chemicals in a wide variety of applications, it is suitable for use with chemical drums.

Supplied with a 1" (25mm) outlet pipe as well as 1½" (38mm) and 2" (50mm) BSP barrel adaptors, each piece measures 13" (330mm) long and includes a 3-piece riser tube. A heavy duty version of this stainless steel and Teflon rotary pump is also available, which is suitable for a wide range of chemicals and solvents, including acids, alcohols, acetones, mineral oil and sodium solutions.

Additional Information

Brand Brady
Description Teflon® and 304 Stainless Steel
Material Teflon®/Stainless Steel
Specifications / Characteristics Suitable for extremely agressive chemicals and solvents, highly concentrated acids and alkalis up to 100%
Supplied in Single
Weight 1.6 kg

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