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Tamper-Proof, Fire-Resistant, Shatter-Proof Notice Board Frame

Display materials safely and keep them protected


From: £199.99 ex. VAT ( £239.99 inc. VAT)
  • Available in a choice of four sizes and four colours
  • Flame retardant materials for excellent safety
  • Wall fixing kit included for easy fixing

Displaying printed information like promotional materials and health and safety posters comes with a risk of them being damaged, either accidentally or deliberately. The deliberate damage of posters and notices is a particular risk in schools, colleges, hospitals or various other public areas, and it can be extremely frustrating to have to replace them frequently or leave people without access to important information. This notice board frame is a great way to protect all of your display materials and ensure they're always available for people who need them.

With its satin silver aluminium frame, the notice board looks smart and stylish, and it's available in a choice of blue, green, grey or red, so you can choose a colour that fits your image or the décor of your business. The board is lockable, with tamper-proof doors and shatter-proof glass preventing attempts to break in and damage the posters displayed within. It's easy to unlock and change the contents whenever you need to, but it's kept secure the rest of the time. For safety, the board is also made from flame-retardant materials, helping to stop the spread of accidental fires and to thwart attempts to start deliberate ones. It's ideal for use indoors, but we also stock an outdoor notice board with weather-resistant properties.

Once you've installed this notice board, you can display all of your essential information in the safe knowledge that it will be protected from interference. It's ideal for advertising, safety notices, events and directional materials. Because of its smart appearance, it can blend into any environment without negatively affecting its surroundings, and its supplied with its own fixing kit, making it ready for wall-mounting as soon as it arrives.

If you want to install an exterior notice board and a suitable wall isn't available, our post-mounted board is an excellent alternative, and it's also available in a range of colours to suit your preferences.

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Product Description Tamper-Proof Fire Retarant Notice Board

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