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Customisable serialised tamper-evident seals

Trackable tamper-evident seals for ziplock security bags

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From: £55.99 ex. VAT ( £67.19 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to affix into any zipped security bag
  • Individually and sequentially serial numbered
  • Provides peace of mind when working with sensitive documentation

Sensitive documentation and items which must be traced and guaranteed tamper-free through a chain of custody are an important part of many businesses, especially in companies which deal with legal matters.

For use with security bags, these tamper-evident (TE) seals ensure the integrity of your secure documents, valuables and other bagged items. Each individual and serial-numbered seal is simply snapped into the zip of the security bag and prevents unauthorised opening of the bags without detection, breaking as soon as the bag is opened and offering no way to reseal.

To omit this level of security can lead to confusion. In the worst case scenario, it can put your business at real risk as any court action in the case of missing or adjusted documentation would be difficult to win without a documented and provable display of security measures. No bag can ever truly be tamper-proof, so using industry recommended tamper-evident seals acts a preventative measure. These seals ensure that any tampering is immediately noticeable and makes the offending party or position in the chain of custody easily identified - allowing for a full investigation where required.

Each pack of 1000 tamper-evident seals is available in four colours (dark blue, green, orange and red), and each seal comes with a pre-printed seven-digit sequential serial number for easy tracking.

A customisable option is also available, with your company name or logo printed on each tag adding a professional look and extra layer of security. For this option, please contact us for a quote on 0800 132323, or email our sales team.

As specialists in the security of documents and valuables, here at Safetyshop we have an extensive range of additional products which will be of use to any business serious in its determination to protect its assets. Both tamper-resistent and tamper-evident products exist in the range, but do contact our sales team if you do not find a product to match your specific need and we will do our best to find the perfect solution.

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