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Syphon Pumps For Liquid Containers

Syphon pumps for liquid containers up to 940mm


From: £10.50 ex. VAT ( £12.60 inc. VAT)
  • Securely fits any standard container
  • Easy to operate with no risk to user
  • Corrosion-resistant polyethylene

Any warehouse, industrial site or manufacturing plant operative will know how beneficial a simple syphon pump can be for day to day operations. Manufactured in high quality plastic and with a smart, simple design, this straightforward syphon pump was designed to make the handling of contained liquids safer and easier. It fits tightly to the container preventing spills and fume leaks, while allowing quick and simple hand pumping of the liquids within.

The syphon pumps are manufactured in polyethylene, which is proven in testing to resist corrosion under almost any condition. As a result, you can use the syphon pump for chemicals, as well as for catering liquids and water. Both acids and alkalis have no effect on polyethylene, so you could use the pump for stored oils and solvents.

A handheld 1,828mm version of the syphon pump is available, as well as the larger fitted pump which works with containers of up to 940mm. The pumps are all fitted with sealed casing around vulnerable areas to prevent the possibility of leaks and to avoid worker injury during operation. Operatives using the syphon pump should receive training in harmful substance handling before they use the equipment, although risk is minimal thanks to the safe and user-friendly design of these pumps.

Health and safety legislation over drum storage and handling requires any industrial workplace using and storing liquids to have proper safety measures in place. These COSHH control measures are necessary for the safety of workers, and the simple syphon pump can play a key role in this.

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