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Superstrong scratch-resistant plastic barrier tape rolls

Scratch-resistant and stronger than regular barrier tape


From: £10.80 ex. VAT ( £12.96 inc. VAT)

  • Available in several different colours and at lengths of either 100m or 500m
  • Five times stronger than normal plastic barrier tape, and both UV and scratch resistant
  • Tensile strength of 100N/mm² (normal) – equivalent to approx. 25kg/75mm

These Superstrong scratch-resistant plastic barrier tape rolls will provide a great solution for barriers that are much stronger than regular barrier tape. With a much higher tensile strength of 100N/mm, equivalent to approximately 25kg/75mm, they are five times stronger than conventional tapes. They are also designed to be both scratch and UV resistant, making them highly durable to tampering, wear and tear, and helping to ensure a long service life and cost effectiveness.

Perfect for delineating both outdoor and indoor areas, the tape will ensure durability and visibility to make sure that any cordoning is secure. They are particularly ideal for use on buildings sites where safety is paramount and dangerous areas and places undergoing work must be clearly marked according to Health and Safety legislation. The tapes are available in a wide selection of four highly visible colour schemes - black and yellow, green and white, red and white, and red and yellow. The tapes also come in two sizes - 100mm and 500mm rolls. The 500mm rolls are packaged in the form of a handy dispenser, while the 100mm rolls are shrink-wrapped for convenience. This makes them easy to use, and allows the quick erection of barriers, saving valuable work time when marking areas.

The tapes are ideally used with fencing pins, sold separately. These heavy duty steel pins allow barriers to be formed at various different heights, are simple to erect, and can easily help you keep your site as safe as possible and provide a secure working environment. For other site safety concerns, we stock a wide variety of products that can help you, from warning signs to anti-slip floor panels.

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Product Description Superstrong Plastic Barrier Tapes

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Product: Need this product as I work in aviation and cheaper products tear too easily.

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