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Full strapping kits for packaging

Contains all the essential equipment to meet a range of packaging needs


From: £319.00 ex. VAT ( £382.80 inc. VAT)
  • Sturdy floor stand dispenser suitable for a range of environments
  • Kits supplied with full set of equipment for immediate packaging
  • Suitable for using on large items such as pallets

Strapping is an imperative part of a busy warehouse, distribution office or shipping business, and having the right equipment can mean the difference between perfectly and poorly packaged items. These essential strapping kits contain everything you need to start strapping a range of items – from basic boxes to heavy pallets – straight away. The kits are designed to make packing large items a breeze, so will be sound investments for your staff, customers and business.

You can choose from our two kits – just pick the one that best suits your strapping and packaging needs. Kit one comes ready supplied with 2,000 metres of white strapping tape, along with a sturdy steel dispenser – a standalone unit that can be placed on the floor. This tough dispenser is made to weather difficult environments and the day-to-day wear and tear that comes part and parcel with a busy shipping and packaging environment. Kit one also comes with a tensioner and sealer system to ensure that your pallets and packages are securely wrapped ready for safe shipment. Finally, there are 1,000 strapping seals supplied to ensure an extra firm hold.

Kit two comes with the same amount of white plastic strapping tape, a floor stand dispenser and steel strapping seals as kit one. Instead of the tensioner and sealer system, it is supplied with a combination tool.

Don’t let your warehouse or shipping company go without adequate and effective packaging equipment; as a responsible employer, your business has a duty of care towards its employees to provide them with a comfortable working environment with all the right equipment to carry out their daily jobs properly. Our selection of packaging equipment is designed to offer all the tools you need to operate at optimum capacity.

If preferred, you can purchase all of the items in our strapping kits separately. For example, you can purchase a replacement tensioner and sealer here; these useful tools tighten your plastic to the desired strength for an ultra-secure hold on your pallets and packages.

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