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Stop 'n' Search random employee search selector

Carry out truly random checks without risk of discrimination


From: £196.99 ex. VAT ( £236.39 inc. VAT)
  • Adjustable search frequency percentage
  • Search selections can't be evaded or manipulated
  • Built-in high power sounder

Carrying out random employee searches are an integral part of protecting your business and ensuring rules and regulations are obeyed. It can be a delicate operation, with staff sometimes feeling that it's an unnecessary measure, and with a risk that people may feel victimised or discriminated against. Handling searches professionally and sensitively is of the utmost importance to employee morale.

With the Stop 'n' Search device, it's easy to reassure your employees that searches are done on a truly random basis, and distancing the need for searches and any feelings of accusation. Give people fair warning that searches will be carried out at a specific point by displaying one of our personal search attention signs.

The Stop 'n' Search randomly selects staff to be searched, at a frequency of your choosing. This can be set from 2% to 90%, allowing for a lot of scope in personal preferences and compliance to company standards. The random selections made by the unit can't be controlled by the user, and there is no pattern that can be guessed. This makes it the ideal way to reassure employees of the fairness of searches and banish any feelings of embarrassment for either party.

To find out whether or not they are selected for a search, employees simply press a button on the unit and the high-powered sounder will alert security staff if a search is needed. On the mains operated model, there is the option of using a separate card reader and keypad instead of the internal button.

To make searches as efficient as possible, our airport-style hand-held metal detector will help you search people quickly but thoroughly for metal objects.

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