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Snap-on steel strapping seals

Easily hold strapping tape securely with these snap-on strapping seals

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£15.75 ex. VAT
£13.46 ex. VAT ( £16.15 inc. VAT)
  • Easy snap-on fixing for fast and effective tightening of plastic strapping
  • Securely hold all of your plastic strapping tape in place, without the need for hammers or other tools
  • Supplied semi-open to ensure the fastest, most efficient strapping seal solution possible

These steel strapping seals are very simple yet high quality items that will revolutionise your strapping efforts and ensure all of your strapping tape is held securely. They are available in 16 x 25mm and 12 x 25mm sizes to ensure you always have exactly the right seal for your tape. Both versions of these handy little strapping seals are supplied semi-open for maximum speed, convenience and efficiency of use. They have been specially designed to use with our strapping and sealer, as well as the other products in our strapping solutions range, all designed to afford you an effective and easy solution to all of your strapping requirements.

These strapping seals are our 12 x 25mm version, and come in packs of 1,000 for your convenience. Strapping seals are specifically designed to help you to tighten and seal all of your plastic strapping. This helps to protect your loads, as the strapping remains tightly in place and doesn't permit items to move or shuffle about.

The simple and firm snap-on action of the seals ensures they are a fast and effective solution, enabling you to very quickly attach them to your straps and tighten everything up without any need for a hammer or other tools.

To make the most out of them, use these steel seals with our specialty plastic strapping tape or our exclusive combination tool, both of which can be purchased separately. All of our products have been specially designed to work together and provide you with the most robust and efficient solution to your strapping requirements as possible.

Looking for more additions to your strapping arsenal? Try our strapping tape dispenser and strapping kits for a complete solution to all your strapping requirements. Fast, dependable, and easy to use, you won't go wrong with our affordable, strong, and resilient strapping system and related products.

Additional Information

Pack Qty. 1,000
Product Description Steel Strapping Seals
Size 12 x 25mm

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