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Clear and durable sprinkler control signs for valves

Easily to understand, standardised sprinkler control valve signs, available in a range of sizes and materials.


From: £7.99 ex. VAT
From: £6.47 ex. VAT ( £7.77 inc. VAT)
  • Conforms to current UK and EU signage legislation
  • Position wherever you need to raise awareness
  • Meets Health & Safety (Safety Sign and Signals) Regulations 1996

Having the right signage in place can make all the difference when a crisis hits. Ensure that both your staff and visitors are aware of where the sprinkler control valves are at a glance in the event of a fire with these clear and concise, highly visible signs. Designed to act both as an instant signpost to the location of the sprinkler and a powerful visual reinforcement of your emergency policies and procedures day to day, the signs are easy and quick to read and understand.

Using the universally recognisable red colour overlaid with a white pictogram clearly showing the flames of a fire and the simple white text 'sprinkler valve control', it can be read even in low light situations. When time counts, the sign can be read and acted upon in a split second, with universal understanding promoted by the use of both a pictogram and text.

The Health & Safety (Safety Sign and Signals) Regulations 1996 and the Draft International Standard (DIS) 3864 Part 1 state that all fire equipment signs must have a white border for even greater visibility in challenging circumstances. Conforming to current UK and EU legislation asserting that signage must be clear and concise, these signs will act together with your other health and safety and fire policies and protocols, to help keep your workplace and workforce safe.

Simply position the sign wherever you need it - ideally above or close to the sprinkler valve system. Choose from two sizes (a square 200 x 200mm or rectangular 200 x 400mm) and three durable materials (polypropylene rigid plastic, self adhesive rigid plastic or self adhesive vinyl) so you can buy the right sign for your working conditions, desired level of prominence and visibility, and surface area and type you'd like it to adhere to.

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