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Versatile two and four drum spill pallets

Tidy and storable spill pallets for two or four drums.


From: £259.00 ex. VAT ( £310.80 inc. VAT)
  • Clean and tidy pallets to capture necessary spills
  • Nestable, easy to store pallets
  • Can be easily moved by forklift truck

These two and four drum spill pallets are specially designed to ensure any spills from your drums are caught safely, cleanly, and easily. Both the two and four drum pallets are the same height, to ensure easy transfer of your drums from one pallet to another. The pallets themselves can be simply and easily relocated using a forklift truck. Specially designed to be nestable for the most efficient, space saving solution to your pallet needs possible, they are economically friendly and will reduce your transportation costs considerably.

The pallets feature interchangeable grates with extra large openings, to enable swift and easy detection of leaks. The pallets are extremely easy to clean, and are made of very fine construction. They are extremely durable, comprised of solid polyethylene to ensure maximum resistance to wear and tear. The pallets have been designed to work in conjunction with an optional Ramp (Style No. CAS591) system, which can be used with both the two drum and four drum pallets. The ramp system ensures barrels can be loaded on to the pallets in the swiftest, easiest, and safest way possible. Content permitting, it is possible to simply roll your barrels up and down the ramp, for a hassle free and back saving solution to an otherwise troublesome task.

The pallets are brightly coloured, with the bases in bright yellow to ensure they are easily distinguished and highly visible, while the grates covering the top, and the optional ramp system available to accompany them, are both blue.

Our spill pallets belong to a range of spill-related products including spill trays and spill decks, all of which can be used in harmony to ensure your work space is clean, tidy, well organised, and very easily rearranged.

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Service: exactly what i needed.

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Service: Very efficient service from order to delivery.

Product: Exacattly what we needed

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