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Durable Spill Deck

Contains potential leaks and protects items from damage


From: £11.95 ex. VAT ( £14.34 inc. VAT)

  • Forklift slots
  • 80-litre sump capacity
  • Nestable design for practical storage

The storage of both safe and hazardous liquids is a vital thing to get right. Our spill deck will offer peace of mind and a cost-effective solution to handling large volumes of any substance.

Constructed from solid polyethylene, the immensely durable design is perfect for any industrial or laboratory environment. Presented in blue and bright yellow, the vibrant colour scheme will stand out, thereby reducing any potential accidents. A cost-effective alternative to metal storage units, the plastic decks will keep start-up costs down while providing an essential service.

Fitted with liquid-catching sumps, the pallet is capable of holding up to 80 litres - catering for more than the average amount of overflow. Should any major hazard occur, one of our large drum spill kits will effortlessly take care of just about any chemical leak.

Crafted to hold two drums, it makes the most of its surface area, allowing you to maximise the use of space in a warehouse or smaller area. Perfectly formed at the bottom, a forklift truck can be used to relocate empty and full pallets in a matter of moments. The nestable design makes it perfect for keeping transport costs down while saving on space. Empty units can be stacked simply to take up the floor space of only one deck.

The topside grates are interchangeable, allowing for easy leak detection and deep cleaning. Once properly cleaned down with a high-pressure washer to avoid cross contamination, the decks can be used time and time again to hold a range of different materials. The easy-to-care-for construction will allow you to send the decks out in a flawless condition, giving customers a great impression of your business.

Should the decks be used to house containers holding potentially harmful liquids, it's a legal requirement that the area contains the legally mandated signage. Our comprehensive range of hazard warning signs will keep your workplace up to code and prevent any undesired accidents.

A staple part of any specialist work environment, the protective decks will prove to be far cheaper than clearing up a mass spillage and replacing damaged products or equipment.

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