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Flexible, Reusable Spill Barrier

Quickly contain or divert spills in an emergency


£388.00 ex. VAT ( £465.60 inc. VAT)
  • Bright yellow for high visibility
  • Resistant to oil, water and the majority of chemicals
  • Easy to clean for reuse

In the event of a spill, an important priority is to contain it so that it doesn't spread too far before it can be cleaned up. It's also essential to divert hazardous liquids away from drains or other areas where they could cause a disastrous situation. Sorbents are the best way to soak up spilled liquids, and buying them in bulk means you'll always have some ready to use when needed. The first thing that should be done, however, is to stop the spill from spreading anywhere you don't want it.

This spill barrier provides a high amount of flexibility, so you can easily create a barrier of the precise shape you need to effectively contain the spill. This is also useful for carefully diverting the path of liquids away from particularly dangerous spots. The polyurethane material the barrier is made from is highly resistant to water and oil, and also to most chemicals it may come into contact with.

After use, the spill barrier can be simply washed with soap and water to clean liquids from it and have it ready to be used again when needed. The bright yellow colour of the material increases visibility and helps prevent accidents that may happen if unseen. To keep the area as safe as possible, our spill sign caddy is a complete kit for cleaning up spills, all stashed inside a highly-visible A-sign warning of the spillage.

Making the containment or diversion of potentially dangerous spills the number one priority means cleaning up the substance can be done in a more safe and relaxed manner, concentrating on doing so as effectively as possible. Keeping a few of these spill barriers in areas where liquids are stored means there will always be an easy way to create a barrier instantly.

Additional Information

Application Prevent spills reaching the water-course via drains
Colour(s) Yellow
Description Spill Barrier
Material Polyurethane
Packaging Qty. 1
Size (H x W x L) 55 mm x 105 mm x 3 m
Supplied in Single

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