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Compact de-icing grit bin shovel with retractable handle

An efficient way to distribute de-icing salt that can be kept inside a grit bin


£22.95 ex. VAT ( £27.54 inc. VAT)
  • Red shovel blade for increased visibility
  • Compact design fits inside a grit bin easily
  • Retractable handle saves space when not in use

During the winter, ice and snow can render parts of your business unusable due to impaired safety for pedestrians and vehicles. With de-icing salt, you can quickly make the ground safe again, dissolving ice and improving grip by keeping slippery conditions at bay. Having a good way to distribute the salt when you need to use it helps improve efficiency, meaning less wasted time until you can reopen car parks, roads and loading bays.

This handy shovel is designed to fit inside a grit bin when it's not in use. This means that it will always be easy to find, minimising the chances of it getting lost and delaying the time before you can de-ice the ground. The shovel has a unique retractable handle, so its size can be minimised for storage and simply extended when it needs to be used.

With a shovel, you can apply de-icing grit far more quickly, and it makes it easier to spread it over a wider area. It also eliminates the need to handle the salt with your hands, which means you don't need to locate heavy gloves before applying it. The bright red shovel blade maximises visibility, so it's easy to find inside the grit bin even if it's been covered with grit.

Moving snow out of the way before you get to work on ice can make all the difference to your efficiency, helping de-icing salt perform at its best and reducing the risks further. Our heavy-duty snow shovel makes shifting snow a breeze, clearing the way for vehicles and pedestrians and preparing the ground for further cold weather treatments.

To save you money and time, we also stock an ultimate grit bin kit, which has everything you need to get set for the winter and ensure there are no lapses in safety or areas closed off for long periods of time.

Additional Information

Colour(s) Red
Description Space-Saving Shovel
Packaging Qty. 1
Product Description Space-saving Shovel
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