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Moldex Sound Awareness Station with Ear Plug Dispenser and Mirror

A central point for the hearing protection needs of staff and visitors

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From: £92.85 ex. VAT ( £111.42 inc. VAT)
  • Easy to use ear plug dispenser included
  • Instructions for using plugs correctly
  • Built-in mirror for checking the fit

In workplaces where hearing protection is required, providing ear plugs to your staff is only part of the ways in which you can help them. This complete station has everything you need to ensure clean, hygienic ear plugs are always available, and that people are using them correctly.

The station includes an ear plug dispenser, with different options available for capacity. With its reorder level marked as a line, it's easy to tell when you're running low on ear plugs, so it can be kept fully stocked. Included on the station are instructions for using ear plugs, along with a mirror so that people can check they're achieving the correct fit for proper protection.

This station is designed to give people a central point for ear protection and information, and its 3D projecting header ensures it can be found easily by anyone who needs it.

Keep your dispenser stocked with Moldex ear plugs.

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