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Cost-effective sorbent rolls

Perfect for cleaning up many industrial liquids


From: £116.00 ex. VAT ( £139.20 inc. VAT)
  • Different types available to suit different liquids
  • Low lint, abrasion-resistant material
  • Perfect for large surface areas

Sorbent rolls come in three different varieties, each of which suited to a different set of applications. All of the rolls are designed to generate as little lint as possible, be strong, and be resistant to abrasion. They come in a variety of lengths to suit businesses of all sizes.

Oil only rolls are intended for use with oil and petroleum based liquids. They are perfect for catching overspray, drips and leaks from machinery.

Maintenance sorbent rolls are more general purpose in nature and can be used for cleaning up oils, water, solvents and coolants. The large surface area of the rolls makes dealing with spillages extremely quick and efficient. Maintenance rolls come in both perforated and non-perforated varieties.

Chemical rolls are chemically inert so that they can soak up acids, caustics and other chemicals without causing a reaction. They are coloured green to notify workers that they are to be used with hazardous chemicals. This makes it easier for people to dispose of them in the correct fashion.

In addition to sorbent rolls, we have both sorbent socs, sorbent pads and a range of other forms of absorbent material that can be used to ensure the safe containment and disposal of different liquids.

There are also various sorbent roll holders that can be used to store the rolls. These make dealing with rolls easier by allowing workers to tear off sections of material from a roll that is being held in place. The holders come in mobile, floor and wall mounted versions. They are made from lightweight steel to make them easy to manoeuvre and yet they remain strong.

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