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Sorbent Pillows with Specific Oil and Chemical Options

Clear spills in areas you can't reach


From: £62.95 ex. VAT ( £75.54 inc. VAT)
  • Highly absorbent materials
  • Safely soak up spills and leaks in places you can't otherwise reach
  • Use as a preventative to contain potential leaks

If there's any chance of hazardous, unhygienic or messy liquids leaking or spilling in your work premises, it's important to have an effective method ready to deal with the problem and stop it from getting out of hand. A sorbent material is what you need to do the job quickly and safely, and in some situations, a sorbent soc might be the best shape to get where you need it to and absorb the spill.

Often, a pillow shape is ideal for getting into hard to reach areas and ensuring as much of the liquid as possible is soaked up. These sorbent pillows are a convenient and effective way to get into tight gaps and cracks to absorb liquids that might cause problems if left.

The maintenance type is suitable for general, less dangerous substances. These include water, coolants, and liquids used in food preparation. The maintenance sorbent pillows are ideal for placing under leaking equipment to control drips and prevent them from pooling. The oil-only version is suitable for any oil and oil-based products, and the chemical pillows deal with acids, bases, and other hazardous substances. All types can also be used as protection in packaging during transportation, to prevent large spillages occurring.

As either a preventative measure or for dealing quickly with sudden spills, these pillows are the perfect way to get the situation under control without delay, and keep areas safe and operational until the problem can be fixed.

In areas where spills may occur around employees, minimise the risk of slipping accidents with our anti-slip spill mats, which will help staff keep their grip on the ground even when wet.

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