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Purpose-Built Wheels for the Modular Sorbent Centre

Take the whole unit wherever you need it for easier sorbent access


£90.50 ex. VAT ( £108.60 inc. VAT)
  • Fits perfectly onto the sorbent centre
  • Increase mobility for extra effectiveness
  • Easy to install

If you have a supply of sorbents to deal with spillages and leaks, storing them is worth giving some thought to. Instead of relying on just any cupboard or container, our sorbent centre brings a range of benefits and comes fully stocked with sorbent products and accessories. The units can be stacked together for extra effectiveness, and they're the perfect place to keep your spill absorbing materials.

When you need to use products from the sorbent centre, it can involve rushing back and forth between the spill and the centre to get what you need, which wastes time, particularly if it's stored some distance away. These wheels fit perfectly onto your sorbent centre unit, making it easily mobile. Next time you have a spillage or leak, you can take the whole centre with you for easy access to sorbents.

Additional Information

Supplied in Pack of 5

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