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Solar Control Window Film to Reduce Sunshine Glare and Heat

Prevent distractions to staff from excess heat and sunshine glare


From: £6.99 ex. VAT ( £8.39 inc. VAT)

  • Reduce sunshine glare and heat
  • Available "off the roll" or in pre-cut sizes
  • Easy to apply to the glass's internal face

Our solar control window film will reduce sunshine glare and heat through the glass, providing more comfortable working conditions for staff.

Available in a variety of different size options, it can be purchased "off the roll" or in pre-cut sizes, for your convenience. It's easy to apply to the internal face of glass, providing an instant solution.

The product is suitable for every environment, including both commercial and residential properties. Once installed, it is low-maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits, without any hard work.

The solar control window film can solve a range of problems - and with its long-lasting, durable finish, it provides a cost-effective way of solving issues, avoiding the expense of having to replace the glass.

Heat and glare can be a problem for any property, as the sunlight streaming through the window panes can quickly increase the temperature until it's uncomfortable, particularly for workers who may spend many hours sitting at desks, working at computers.

Solar control window film puts an end to the steady heat build-up, producing a more moderate, stable temperature. The film reflects the sun's energy away, so it doesn't enter the room, providing an effective solution to an uncomfortable working climate.

Energy efficiency is also an important consideration, as many businesses today are striving to be environmentally-friendly while trying to reduce energy costs. By limiting excess heat levels, the solar window film reduces the need for air conditioning units or fans to be used, producing lower running costs.

Bright sunshine in summer and low-lying sun in winter can make it difficult for employees to focus on screens, due to excessive glare. Solar control window film reduces glare without affecting the view, enabling staff to work for longer in comfortable, natural light all year round without the drain of squinting or feeling fatigue from excessive heat. The alternative is having to keep the blinds closed and working in artificial light.

We also stock safety window film that holds broken glass together, and privacy window film, turning clear class into opaque to prevent prying eyes from seeing inside the property or specific offices.

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Service: Excellent customer services

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Service: I am still ot qite sure which side to face the sun with?Our response: Thank you for spending the time to fill this in, we really value all feedback


Product: Good

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