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Smoking Area Signs Displaying ‘Please Keep This Area Tidy’ Message

Display clear indication of designated smoking areas and encourage responsible behavior


From: £2.25 ex. VAT
From: £1.82 ex. VAT ( £2.19 inc. VAT)

  • Clear and concise message to smokers
  • Compliant with current health and safety regulations
  • Portrait signs with universal application

Workplaces now have a duty of care towards their staff to provide comfortable and efficient working environments and resting areas. In order to cater for staff who smoke, as well as helping to keep your work grounds looking smart and tidy, it is essential to provide adequate smoking equipment, such as cigarette bins and ashtrays. You can also instruct staff to smoke in certain areas with these handy smoking instruction signs.

The no smoking signs display a polite message in white text upon a green background, instructing and encouraging your staff to respect company premises by adhering to your smoking policy. For added clarity, there is also a cigarette pictogram. The smoking signs are ideal for placing next to designated outdoor smoking areas and, as such, are made to weather outdoor conditions. The pictogram signs are made from a choice of vinyl or rigid plastic and have a smooth, satin finish; this ensures that they are able to withstand rain, wind and hot and cold conditions without fading, erosion or peeling.

It is easy to fix your smoking area signs into the relevant positions; first select from our extensive range of sizes to find the one that is appropriate for your area. All you then need to do is peel back the removable rear layer to reveal a strong self-adhesive. This is usually sufficient to fix the signs into place, but you can use cable ties as well for an extra strong hold.

Aesthetics are often important when erecting warning signage around a workplace, particularly in front of house areas. These brushed metal look acrylic no smoking signs have a high-quality look and feel that fits in with any décor.

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2 years ago

Service: Great customer service and couldn't be more helpful. Placed the order on the phone and received delivery on the date promised. I would certainly buy from this shop again

Product: The cigarette bins are strong and sturdy, easy to fix to outside of building. Great product, good size , good design and the capacity for cigarette ends is good too.

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